Strategic Sustainability consulting firm helping you develop and execute Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy solutions to improve climate change by measuring, reducing and offsetting GHG emissions. We are also experts in EMF (Electromagnetic Field) testing and consultation.


Sustainability has gone from a nice to do to a must do. As a business leader if you are not already weaving Sustainability & Energy Efficiency into the heart of your business model, do so now. “You can manage what you measure”, now is the time to “measure what you care about” and together Carolinas Energy Associates, LLC can help you develop Sustainability into your business model.
As a sustainability consultant and ENERGY STAR certified partner, we will assist you in building a competitive advantage by providing our expertise and guidance in the following areas:
A. ‘ENERGY STAR’ plant certification/ challenge for industry.
B. Establish ‘Energy Treasure Hunts’ (Go and Find).
C. Establish ‘Green Teams’ – by engaging employees in sustainability.
D. Bringing the Green into Six Sigma.
E. Measuring, reducing and offsetting GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions.

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EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Expert Consulting & Testing. ​

The huge increase in electromagnetic energy in today’s modern electronic-charged environment coincides with an alarming increase in new-age ailments. Exposure to high electromagnetic fields have become a concern due to potential health effects and interference issues with sensitive analytical and research equipment.

We are experts in EMF and RF Testing of electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies at your property. We diagnose and provide solutions for a healthy indoor environment. When the sources of electromagnetic fields or radio frequencies radiation cannot be eliminated, we identify their origin and assist in choosing the appropriate EMF and RF Shielding materials to minimize your exposure.

We offer proven solutions and tested EMF remediation strategies in your home, office, church, school, factory,      etc. to significantly reduce the harmonics and voltage transients present in your environment. A healthy green building should also provide a low electromagnetic field and radio frequency environment.


Carolinas Energy Associates, LLC is a strategic advisory consulting firm passionate about sustainability, specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

We provide expertise in developing innovative strategies that deliver long-term profitability and environmental impacts to companies serious about improving their sustainability performance and energy efficiency programs.

Carolinas Energy Associates is supported by a highly qualified team, ensuring that our client’s objectives are optimally achieved.

Our goal is to work together toward achieving Sustainability and Energy Efficiency into your Organization’s ‘Triple Bottom Line’ by delivering excellence to create, enhance & sustain; People, Planet, Profit.

Professional EMF Testing

Our Team has over 25 years of Electrical Engineering experience, Certified EMF Expert & International EMF professional training, Electrical Engineer, Master Electrician, Certified Master Home Inspector, IAC2 Indoor Air Quality Consultant (Radon & Mold Testing). We use only professional grade EMF meters which have factory calibration certificates. We offer testing, assessment and remediation guidance for the following:

  • AC electric fields (V/m)
  • AC magnetic fields (mG)
  • Radio frequencies (µW/m²)
  • Net-Zero & ground currents (A)
  • Dirty electricity / harmonic distortion (mV)
  • Bonding frame anomalies (3/4 wire circuits)
  • Artificial blue & green light from portable devices
  • Geopathic stress guidance from Earth’s energies
  • Body voltage testing (mV)
  • Residual magnetism (DC mG)
  • Radioactive gas (Radon in air & water) (pC/L)
  • Electromagnetically induced acoustic noise (dB)

We are also an advisory partner with Jenny Pippin of ‘Pippin Home Designs’ who specializes in home designs bringing “You-Inspired Homes for Joyful Living” and a safer EMF environment.

EMF/Dirty Electricity

We conduct full dirty electricity testing using an EMI meter, we test for net-zero currents in your electrical panel, and conduct body voltage tests. Our remediation steps follow Certified EMF Expert protocol guidelines.

Did you know electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution is a growing threat to the health and the well-being of you, your family and employees. Scientists have identified connections between dirty electricity and a wide variety of physical, emotional, and cognitive problems, including; Asthma, ADD/ADHD, Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Fatigue, Headaches, Sleep Disorders, Mood Issues, Increased Stress, Central Nervous Disorders.

EMF pollution comes from electromagnetic energy that is emitted from CFL’s (compact fluorescent bulbs), light dimmer switches, solar inverters, electronics, appliances, wiring, cordless phones, computers, tablets, PDA’s, smart meters, cell towers, Wi-Fi router, overhead power lines, power transformers, baby monitors, wireless internet modems, gaming systems, and the list goes on.

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Radon and Mold Services

Nearly 1 out of every 15 homes is estimated to have elevated radon levels. Approximately 6 million homes in the United States have radon levels above 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L), which is the remediation level the EPA recommends. Studies have shown that electric fields attract the radioactive decay products of radon and make them vibrate. It is believed the radon decay products are attached to tiny water droplets that form an aerosol that will vibrate in an electric field. People exposed to strong EMFs are going to inhale more radon decay products.
Mold can start growing indoors when its spores float inside from outdoors and land on surfaces that are damp. Research has found that EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields) could be responsible for making molds more aggressive and reactive by producing higher levels of mycotoxins, by as much as 50 times. Microbes exposed to EMF feel threatened and their self-defense is to produce toxins.

Have Our Certified Indoor Air Quality (IAC2) Consultants test your home for Radon and Mold.

Other Services

We offer full Home & Building Inspections, including new construction, pre-purchase, pre-listing, home warranty inspections, etc. We also offer Mold Inspections, Indoor Air Quality Testing, and Radon Gas Testing. We have fully licensed Home Inspectors including Certified Master Inspectors and Indoor Air Quality Consultants serving North and South Carolina.
   Bringing awareness and educating the community is a priority for our firm. Invite us for a presentation, workshop and discussion on the health effects of EMFs in our environment
Our EMF Health Specialist, Beth Sturdivant offers consultation and guidance to assist you in understanding and reversing the diagnosis of electromagnetic field poisoning.

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Carolinas Energy Associates

Meet Our team

Gary Williams

President / Founder

Gary has an MBA in Sustainability & Renewable Energy and holds an Electrical Engineering degree with over 25 years of combined experience in the engineering profession, energy management training, EMF testing, Indoor Air Quality testing, and renewable energy business. Both his experience and world-class qualifications has provided a firm foundation for him to pioneer the sustainability and EMF consulting company

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Tammy Williams

Client Services Specialist

Tammy is an EMF Professional and at the forefront of Carolinas Energy Associates, LLC coordinating all projects. She has over 18 years’ experience in educating the public and private sectors about “Sustainable” personal growth through self and environmental awareness, movement and postural re-education, health and wellbeing mindset, and consistent “Green” lifestyle action measures.


Rowan Deysel

International Tariff/EMF Specialist

Rowan has extensive international experience in the electrical energy sector and tariff restructuring. Rowan conducts ‘Utility Bill Analysis’ of your rate structure and identifies optimum Energy usage and demand load profile for your facility. Rowan conducts EMF testing and consultation in South Africa.


Beth Sturdivant

EMF Health Specialist (DIP.H.IR.)

Beth Sturdivant is an Electromagnetic Sickness Survivor, Published Author, Certified Nutritionist, and holds a Diploma in Iridology. To schedule a consultation with Beth, or book her for a speaking engagement, please feel free to do so directly on her website

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Carolinas Energy Associates, LLC brings together an expert team of Consultants from diverse disciplines ensuring that our client’s objectives are optimally achieved. Our Specialists’ depth of knowledge and skills ensure our Clients meet their projected goals in sustainability, EMF safety and environmental protection. Our experience in EMF Detection and Protection know-how combined with our positive can-do approach will enable you to achieve EMF (electrical magnetic field) and RF (radio frequency) safety that you can trust, in the full confidence of doing business with a trained Certified EMF Expert Consultant.

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